An Opex (SaaS) or Capex Platform 100% Modular

After making the decision, the solution will be implemented

the day after having the optimal environment


The Visualizador can be installed on the following acquisition models:

  • On Premise (Capital investment, purchase of the user license).
  • SaaS at the Customer's premises. It is equivalent to "On Premise" but is billed as a service.
  • SaaS at the Customer's premises, but with equipment and software installed by Desimplex and both the software, services and equipment are part of a single service.
  • SaaS in the Cloud. Where the Client has a secure access to a secure Cloud zone assigned exclusively to the Client.

The installation of the Visualizador includes:

  1. Software installation, testing and commissioning
  2. Tests with real atoms and validation "On Line"
  3. Training and User and technical training
  4. Delivery of documentation
  5. Accompaniment of 2 months of use

For "On Premise", SaaS purchases at Customer facilities using Customer´s equipment, the following services are added:

  • Document with the description and software components and required spaces.
  • Security features, user permissions, administrator, database.

For SaaS implementations at the Customer's premises, but with equipment and software placed by Desimplex and SaaS in the Cloud, the following services are added:

  • The list of the different types of users that will interact with the solution.
  • The methodology for accessing the source files is defined.

Additional Services

The VISUALADOR allows you to export your reports and has a repository with all the historical information of the atoms and the BAN tables, this is a very valuable tool that generates new reports, groups of reports or additional models combined with "Extra Atom" information. On the other hand, the staff of the compliance department may have new staff income and these people should be trained in the use of the tool.

To meet these needs we offer the following:

  1. Hour bag to support or create new reports and new cubes for groups of private users:
    The Client may purchase bags of a certain number of hours, which may be used in any professional activity of the Visualizer for a year. These hourly bags represent savings from 25% to 50% of the list price of our average hours. These hours can be used throughout 1 year. These hour bags can be extended.
  2. Additional courses to the original.

We have 3 course formats to keep bank staff trained:

  1. The annual, personalized course is held at the Client's premises, to several people determined by the Client and at a fixed price.
  2. Global course, in a room of our facilities, a course is carried out without limit of participants, it is contracted per position of the course and the theoretical and practical course is carried out in the use of the tool.
  3. A variety of courses may be requested, our clients can ask for a particular course to fulfill their needs. It is carried out at the Client's facilities.

Services and products, Complementary

  1. GAAT, Automatic Atom Generator
    GAAT is the product that generates the atoms that the Bank Superintendency requires. It is compatible with the Visualizador and it is interrelated through databases and functionality.
  2. Outsourcing in the generation of atoms.
    We provide the service of generating atoms. This service is the outsourcing of 100% of the generation of the atoms.
  3. Generate analytical models of reports from the Visualizador.
    Our Clients can generate additional models from the software, using the product "Bag of hours", but you can also generate a project in which we help to conceive it "End to End" and assume the responsibility of the project. We can also develop the components needed to harness the potential of the Visualizador.

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