At Desimplex we are proud of what we have done and we are expectant and excited to show you our excellent customer service.

Our concept

Desimplex, is a consulting firm born in 1997. Currently, Desimplex is a leader in the implementation of compliance solutions in Panamanian banking.

Desimplex has done more than 120 projects in Panama and more than 200 throughout Latin America and Spain. Our Clients rely on the experience and business knowledge of our team of consultants and specialists. Our projects can be grouped into Compliance, Dashboards, Reporting, Mobility, Budgeting, Planning, Simulation, Consolidation, Performance Evaluation, Information Management, Datawarehouse, Big Data, Data Quality, and Data Integration.

Our solutions help to better understand business behavior by integrating the answer to three key management questions:

  • How are we doing it?
  • Why do our business variables behave like this?
  • How should we have behaved and how could we do it in the future?

Our mission and vision

Desimplex is based on the success orientation of our clients, understanding and anticipating their needs, adapting our portfolio of services and products to achieve their satisfaction.

Desimplex works in the technical area of competence of our team so that they are highly specialized in the products and services that our company offers.

Desimplex is oriented to teamwork so that knowledge is Universal in the company.

Desimplex always bases its action on ethics as the main and inalienable value in relationships with our clients, suppliers, and collaborators.

Desimplex maintains the highest respect and recognition for our clients and collaborators as the basis for establishing lasting relationships.

Creating our value for our clients by providing reliable and high-quality technological solutions that lead to improvements in their business processes is our mission.

Being the best group specialized in data and its interpretation in our market, associating our brand with the values of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, is our goal.

Our team

Experts, 25 years of experience in technology projects, and 20 years in Compliance projects in 5 countries and more than 200 BI projects, of which 70 have been with financial entities.

The Management Team, 12 years of experience in technology projects and 8+ years of experience inCompliance projects.

The young, motivated, and highly qualified technical team.


The product development team is made up of 2 technical consultants and an internal team and an external team of functional consultants and auditors.

This team defines, biweekly, the possible adjustments generated by the regulatory body, new reports, adjustment of existing reports, change of concepts or formulation of reports and generates a "versioning" report of the application.

The technical team generates a monthly report of the available technology and its benefits for the project, in addition to checking the trend and the training plan for our consultants.

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