"Consolidate by compliance, by strategy ...,
but make it´s easy and economically acceptable".

Visualiza Holding

VISUALIZA HOLDING automates the Financial Consolidation, respecting the best practices in the Consolidation process.

Automates the loading of information from any source and in multiple currencies. It can easily relate different account plans and with this achieves 100% automation of financial consolidation.

It guarantees rigor, reliability, speed, flexibility, versatility.

It has a very simple and intuitive graphical interface. Its implementation is fast. Data is received from multiple automatic or manual sources.

It allows accounting adjustments and eliminations between companies, automatic, periodic, private, with or without accounting closings.

VISUALIZA HOLDING incorporates functionalities to help the user to identify inconsistencies.

It accepts any data source and the consolidation is carried out according to the best practices of the product and the client, in accordance with local and international regulations, such as IFRS, IAS and GAAP, regardless of their structure, nature and location of the company: accounting plans, financial statements, budgets, profit and loss statements.

Generates BAN02.


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