GAAT (Automatic Atom Generator)

GAAT automates the generation of the Atoms and the BAN tables required by the Superintendency of Banks.

GAAT consolidates the bank files to create the Atoms and the BAN tables and keeps the SB tables up to date.

GAAT is accompanied with the continuous service of keeping updated the changes that the SBP generates and the changes that may exist in the internal structure of the bank's data.

Any changes required by the regulatory body will be included in the product through the product maintenance program.

The generated atoms are automatically validated by the VISUALIZADOR.

GAAT includes the implementation services and the "personalization" of the mapa and the relationship between the sources and the atoms. This map will be unique for each bank, our consultants will implement, train in its use and, "accompany" during the initial process until the desired result is reached, the final objective being: "The automation of the generation of atoms and BAN tables" .

GAAT has functional components that were developed for independent purposes but that make up a single product.

The product achieves its objective from the following functionalities:

Intelligent Directory Gaat (IDG)

IDG Coordinates the entry of "data objects" to GAAT.

IDG allows you to organize the objects that contain the original data, the "when" it is generated, the "that" contains.

You can use the same original data sources (xls, csv, txt, xml, BD views, etc.).

IDG allows managing multiple formats as well as rules that will facilitate the loading and auditing of the data flow regardless of the process nor the loading period.

The user will define the name of all the files that will be used, their "type" and the fields that make up the file. It will also match the fields of the expected files with the fields of the atoms (includes connectivity rules).

Each GAAT ID object is assigned a name and type. Its function is to manage the objects "that arrive" vs. what was planned "to arrive".

IDG validates defined relationships, audits source, periodicity, and file types. A source can feed more than one atom and an atom can be powered by more than one source. Our consultants will present the recommendations that will be provided by the automation.

When you have the expected objects, IDG places the objects in the "Staging Area", which is the MDC work environment.



Masive Data Collector (MDC) Gaat


MDC validates the structure and "domain" of the data that is included in GAAT.

MDC audits the entered data. Validates the data by its structure, its type, and that each data is in the expected domain, it will report any possible incident.

MDC verifies the "completeness" of files, fields, and data. When it verifies the "totality" it applies the validations programmed specifically for the client.

Unused fields are reported from sources and fields of atoms and from BAN tables that have no related data fields.


When validation success has been achieved, the "work files" of each atom are loaded, according to the "relationship rules". The SB tables are used to homogenize the resulting data.

Our consultants will provide specific programming to structure the validations. Training activities are carried out for internal technicians and functionaries.

ITBox Gaat

ITBox consolidates the data set that make up the "work files", the master tables, the SB tables, and the result is the creation of the Atoms and the BAN tables (master tables).

In this module, the rules for creating atoms are applied from the intermediate files generated by Masive Data Collector (MDC).

Any changes required by the regulator will be made in ITBox and the "consolidation rules".


ITBox always knows the source of each data and verifies that all the source fields (indicated) have been used according to the "plan" and that all the fields of all the atoms are related.

GAAT allows you to "show" or analyze atoms partially or completely. At the moment that the user requires it, he connects to the Visualizer and generates the usual validations, being able to generate a revision of the sources or the rules, until the final data is obtained.

With every change SBP makes, GAAT will be adjusted.

The result of ITBox is the Atoms and the BAN tables


Atomos Generator


AG places the atoms, totally or partially, in the Visualizer validation processes, receives of the result of the Visualizador validations, and generates a detailed report from the data sources.

The result is a validation report highlighting existing errors (if any).

Coded Report Sender

CRS generates a report, customized to your needs, to validate the data sent.

These validations are defined and constructed to detect inconsistency in the data.

This report is made on any "stage" of the data. They can be compared when they arrive and when they are transformed.

The result is the basis for planning data adjustments in the transformation process.


GAAT will be updated with each new report or rule issued by the SBP.

All the modules are integrated and make up a single product.

Our service includes all the updates that are generated, plus conceptual and logistical support for the use of the atom generator.

This product is marketed in SaaS format (OPEX / service/expense):

  • It is installed on the client's computers or in the "Cloud" with all the required software and hardware tools.
  • In any case, the professional services of the Startup are billed after being installed, and then billed monthly thereafter, this includes the tool, maintenance, updates, and technical and conceptual support in the use of it.
  • The "outsourcing" of the generation of atoms and BAN tables is available.

On Premise (CAPEX / Capital investment) is also marketed. The proposal adds the price of the user licenses, the annual maintenance of the application, the installation service, and implementation consulting. The annual maintenance program guarantees the evolution of the product and a continuous support program is available, here our consultants support the management and all operations of the users.

For Customers with Pack hours, it can be used to generate new reports and interrelation with other products.

An annual pack of hours is available to generate new reports and interrelation with other products.

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